13/6/14 - University of Canberra Pathways Course Completed

13 June 2014

Cooma Universities Centre has once again hosted the University of Canberra as they facilitated their “UCanREACH” pathways course. On June 12th the students officially completed the course, which will enable them to access further degrees and study pathways at the University of Canberra and other partner Universities.

For the past 14 weeks six dedicated students have been attending the course twice a week in face to face classes with lecturer, Mark Briskey, from the University of Canberra. The students have also completed independent study and research, making use of the Cooma Universities Centre in their own time to complete assessment tasks.

The students all have different ambitions after completing the program and they must be congratulated for their hard work and commitment in furthering their education so far. Rosina Te Maipi hopes to pursue studies via distance education in either the field of Nursing or Criminology. Judy Gibson is looking to apply for a Fine Arts degree majoring in Creative Writing or Music. Amelia Anderson is currently looking into different specialities and degrees in order to become a Teacher. Regardless of where their interests lead them, we hope to see all of the students back studying at the Cooma Universities Centre soon.

For further information about the course, or any other University level education, call in to at the centre at 38 Bombala St Cooma, email zoe.dawson@coomauc.com.au or call 6452 3368.