17/9/14 - Start your University Degree in 2015 at the Cooma Universities Centre

17 September 2014

In 2015 you will be able to study a Bachelor of Education (specialising in Primary Teaching or Early Childhood) or a degree in the Events and Tourism Field right here, at the Cooma Universities Centre, in Bombala Street Cooma.

Both degrees will be offered via Supported learning, a combination of both distance and face to face learning. Students study the majority of their course content online when and where they like, but also have a weekly face to face tutorial at the CUC facilitated by a professional tutor to keep them on track, answer questions and deliver content in a personalised setting. The benefit of supported learning is that you can:
•Live and study locally.
•Work with a group of peer students studying the same subjects and degree.
•Utilise the state of the art CUC to complete your course work and assessments.
•Meet regularly with an experienced lecturer/tutor at the CUC for a face to face tutorial to keep you on track, answer any questions and deliver content in a personalised setting.

The Bachelor of Education degree will be facilitated through Central Queensland University and will qualify students to become fully accredited Early Childhood or Primary School teachers across Australia. Central Queensland University’s education programs are innovative and unique in their approach to learning. In addition to building the professional knowledge and skills required to teach effectively in a wide range of contemporary educational settings, this program prepares teachers who have the dispositions for engaging in and contributing to the teaching profession through a commitment to ongoing professional learning.

A degree in the Events and Tourism field is currently being explored with the University of Canberra and will equip students with specialisations in the growing fields of tourism and events, with a strong foundation in business studies. The University of Canberra’s key course elements are the development of teamwork skills and the pursuit of workplace experiences to enhance the employability of students, upon their graduation, who are seeking careers in the diverse and evolving event and tourism industries.

University study and these two degrees are open to any age group. So, if you have thought about studying at university or going back to do a second degree, or if you are finishing year 12 or a gap year, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!