21/3/13 - Cooma Universities Centre Brings New Technology

21 March 2013

To ensure students get a high quality online learning experience, the Cooma Universities Centre needed to look at the latest technology and innovation available.  As a result, partnerships were established with new telecommunications carrier, Countrytell, and the network connection provider, Australia’s Academic and Research Network AARNet.

A new telecommunications carrier called Countrytell (like Telstra or Optus) supplies the CUC with high speed broadband connecting the centre back to “Global Switch” in Sydney – the point of connection to AARNet.  Countrytell is a not-for-profit organisation using NSW Government funding to deliver broadband services to rural NSW and is also about to supply services to Cooma Monaro and Snowy River Shire councils, Birdsnest, and community broadband.

Snowy Hydro has partnered with Countrytell to deliver the high speed broadband to the CUC and its registered users.  Importantly, this partnership has also led to high speed wireless broadband being available to the whole Cooma community and Snowy Hydro is delighted to once again lend its weight to assist Cooma’s economic and social community development.

“Snowy Hydro is an important client which has enabled our deployment to Cooma township,” CEO of Countrytell, Lynda Summers said.  “Snowy Hydro as a customer has made extending our reach feasible for the benefit of all residents in Cooma.  We would like to congratulate Snowy Hydro on their foresight and commitment to local outcomes, including the great facility that is being opened today.”

The partnership between AARNet and Snowy Hydro is also unique. To date AARNet have interconnected universities and schools, but this is the first corporate partnership in Australia. AARNet is a direct connection between universities (not via the internet), providing direct services to CUC students – the same as being on the parent university campus. The result is a new university learning experience right here in Cooma.