Who Can Study at the CUC?

Anyone enrolled in a University course, undergraduate or postgraduate can become a member of the Cooma Universities Centre. Users will be required to register with the Centre, in order to receive access cards, logins and student study kits.

To be eligible for registration at the CUC:

  • You must be enrolled in and studying via Distance Education with a recognised university (This excludes TAFEs, RTOs, Colleges, Academies etc).
  • Your degree must be a University access/pathways course or an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
  • Your degree cannot be a TAFE level qualification – Cert I/II/II/IV or Diploma
  • You can be studying a full time or part time load

Contact Us - If you would like to register to become a member of the CUC or have any queries about eligiblity, please contact the CUC, or call in and talk to one of our friendly staff.

Registration at the CUC is $90 per semester for all students. This will go towards the costs of centre use, access cards and a student study kit.

If you are considering enrolling in a university course in the future, there are course brochures available and the Cooma Universities Centre staff will help to direct potential students towards more information including university websites and course guides, resources and links into online tutorials and orientations.